The Geospatial Analytics and Innovative Applications (GAIA) Research Lab is based in the Geospatial Information Sciences program of the School of Economic, Political, and Policy Sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas. We conduct research that pushes methodological advances and innovative applications in geospatial sciences and technologies. Our research centers on geospatial analytics of geographic dynamics in natural, built, and social environments, and develops innovative applications for geospatial solutions and decision support.


May Yuan, Ph.D.

Ashbel Smith Professor of Geospatial Information Sciences in the School of Economic, Political, and Policy Sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas). Her research centers on temporal GIS and its applications to geographic dynamics.

More information is available at: http://www.utdallas.edu/epps/faculty/may-yuan/

Contact: [email protected]

Graduate Students:

  • Brent Dell (Ph.D.)
  • Yan-Ting (Vicky) Liao (Ph.D.)
  • Arlo McKee (Ph.D.)
  • Benjamin Acker (M.S.)
  • Emily Gold (M.S.)
  • Justin Moore (M.S.)
  • Nidhi Pal (M.S.)

Undergraduate Students:

  • Dylan Campbell
  • Bryan Coan
  • Jiaxu Fang
  • Kiley Holbert
  • Rutvick Velaga


  • Cruz Deleon
  • Brandon Johnson
  • Xianglong Zhou


3D Campus

The research project is a collaboration among GIS, Geosciences, Facility Management, and the Office of Information Technology to build a geospatial cyberinfrastructure with GIS databases, geospatial cloud services, sensor networks, and web and mobile applications for a cyber-physical-social connected smart UTD campus. We are building a 3D GIS database for the campus and upon the geodatabase to develop web and mobile tools for navigation, event mapping, and other location-aware applications.